Home Maintenance Inspections

How Healthy is Your House?

Don’t feel bad. Most of us don’t know! A home maintenance inspection is just like the inspection you did when you initially purchased your home.

As time passes and our lives are busy, we may not notice a wet spot on the living room ceiling or a slight bow in the basement foundation.  A home maintenance inspection will look closely at your home as if it is being inspected for sale.

Realtor.com quotes Frank Lesh, president of the American Society of Home Inspectors,

“You might not even notice a problem,” says Lesh. But sometimes, a good inspector can see the little signs that something is starting to go: small cracks, uneven wearing, or even just appliances such as water heaters and boilers reaching the eventual end of their lives. They can also remind you of the regular maintenance you should be doing on your house. Like an annual physical, a maintenance inspection can catch issues early and give you the peace of mind of a clean bill of health. “It’s a way to keep little problems from turning into big problems,” says Lesh.

Do you need a home maintenance inspection?

“Every three to five years, you should have a home inspector come out and do a maintenance inspection,” says Lesh. “Like changing your furnace filter, you should do it before it gets so bad [that it becomes] a problem.”

Another advantage of a home maintenance inspection is that the inspector provides an unbiased opinion. You’ll want the person inspecting your home to not have any skin in the game, especially if the pro is evaluating things that are expensive to repair (e.g., your roof or foundation).

“A home inspector isn’t trying to sell you anything … and isn’t going to make any money off doing the repairs,” says Lesh. “All we have to sell is the truth.”


Interested in learning more?

Considering how much home repairs are, a home maintenance inspection will ensure you know what is happening behind the scenes. Contact us to schedule a quick call or visit.