Home Inspection Services Snohomish WA

There are many types of inspection services in Snohomish, WA that vary based on the type of structure

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Residential home inspections

A licensed inspector in the Snohomish, WA area will evaluate the structure's interior and exterior, including systems and components such as electrical, sewer, and water. We provide a comprehensive report with photos in support of our findings.

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New construction inspections

Yes, new home construction in Snohomish, WA still warrants an inspection. Defects occur, and it is always best to perform the inspection and create your list while the contractor is still available and onsite.

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Pre-offer consultations

Pre-offer consultation is a limited scope visual consultation of the home, providing a client with a verbal summary of observations. No equipment used or written report will be provided with the pre-offer consultation.

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Pre-listing inspections

The pre-list home inspection informs the seller of the current home condition.  The seller can decide what repairs to complete or not complete. The report gives them their checklist in various categories of items to be fixed. Pre-listing inspections can take away the stressful element of surprise for the homeowner. It also helps prevent offer renegotiations, extensive buyer repair requests, and the possibility of buyers walking away while already in contract. Sellers can make the reports available to potential buyers to expedite the real estate transaction process.


One-year warranty inspections

In general, new construction includes a one-year warranty from the builder.  We will perform a full inspection 30-60 days before the expiration of the builder’s warranty. This ensures you submit any findings and repairs to the builder before the warranty expiration!

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Wood Destroying Organisms Inspection

Wood-destroying insects, undetected, can cause severe problems in the wooden structural components of a house. You may never see the insects themselves, but you may notice the structural damage. Jeff is a licensed pest inspector (WDO) experienced in WDO inspections.

Inspection Checklist

INSPECTPRO LLC provides home inspection services and delivers easy-to-read and understand inspection reports. For over 17 years, Jeff has worked with home buyers, sellers, and realtors in Snohomish, WA and the surrounding area offering comprehensive home inspections.

The components of a home inspection ensure that all areas and systems of the structure and reviewed and inspected. INSPECTPRO LLC follows Washington State and InterNACHI. Using the latest tools and technology, we will examine the home's visible and accessible design, systems, and components, inside and out, from the foundation to the roof.

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Electrical system

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Heating system

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Cooling system

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Exterior structures

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Interior structures

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Thermal Imaging

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Wood Destroying Organisms


Our reports are easily read and custom detailed using digital photos and color-coded categories. We also offer a picture review summary onsite after the inspection.

Check out our sample report below, which includes a full summary and inspection details. Your inspection report will be both easy to read and concise. Your report will also be available within 24 hours following the home inspection.